Shift+AEdit PlaylistEdit the playlist
Ctrl+CCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+EExportExport current frame as a bitmap
Shift+EToggle MetaparamsShow or hide the metaparameters bar
Shift+FToggle FilesShow or hide the files bar
Shift+GToggle GraphShow or hide the graph bar
Shift+HToggle HistoryShow or hide the history bar
Shift+IToggle MIDIShow or hide the MIDI bar
Ctrl+LLoadLoad the selected plugin
Shift+LToggle Load BalanceShow or hide the load balance bar
Shift+MToggle MasterShow or hide the master bar
Ctrl+NNewCreate a new document
Shift+NToggle MonitorShow or hide the monitor bar
Ctrl+OOpenOpen an existing document
Shift+OEdit OptionsEdit the options
Ctrl+PPrintPrint the active document
Shift+PToggle PatchShow or hide the patch bar
Shift+QToggle QueuesShow or hide the queues bar
Ctrl+RRecordRecord the output to an AVI file
Shift+RToggle Record StatusShow or hide the record status dialog
Ctrl+SSaveSave the active document
Shift+UToggle OutputShow or hide the output window
Ctrl+VPasteInsert Clipboard contents
Alt+BackspaceUndoUndo the last action
DeleteDeleteDelete the selected plugin
Shift+DeleteCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
F1HelpList Help topics
Ctrl+F11Full ScreenDisplay the output full screen
F4Job ControlShow or hide job control dialog
F5RefreshRefresh the views
F6Next PaneSwitch to the next window pane
Shift+F6Previous PaneSwitch back to the previous window pane
F8Monitor PluginMonitor the selected plugin
F9BypassBypass the selected plugin
InsertInsertInsert a plugin
Ctrl+InsertCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Alt+InsertInsert EmptyInsert an empty plugin slot
Shift+InsertPasteInsert Clipboard contents
SpacePausePause the output
Shift+SpaceStepSingle-step the output
Ctrl+XCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+YRedoRedo the previously undone action
Ctrl+ZUndoUndo the last action