Editing parameters

FFRend can display the parameters of only one plugin at a time, referred to as the selected plugin. Only the selected plugin's parameters can be edited; to edit the parameters of a different plugin, you must select it first, by left-clicking its tab.

For each of the selected plugin's parameters, FFRend displays a row in its main window. Each parameter row includes the following columns:

This is the name of the parameter, supplied by the plugin itself.
This slider represents the parameter's current value. Moving the slider changes the parameter. The parameter can also be edited numerically, using the edit box to the right of the slider; see below. Note that the slider is also used to display and edit the parameter's modulation range.
This edit box also contains the parameter's current value. It allows the parameter to be edited numerically. The parameter can also be changed via the slider; see above.

The remaining columns are used for automating parameters. Note that a plugin may not have any parameters, in which case no parameter rows will be displayed when that plugin is selected.