Loading plugins

Before a plugin can process frames, it must first be loaded into a slot. Once a plugin is loaded, it displays its parameters and allows you edit or automate them.

The simplest way to load a plugin is via Plugin/Load or Ctrl+L. The command displays a file open dialog; browse for the desired plugin, and press OK. The plugin is loaded into the selected slot. Note that if the selected slot already contained a plugin, the new plugin replaces it.

To load a plugin into a specific slot, you can also right-click on the slot's tab, and select Load from the plugin context menu.

Plugins can also be loaded via drag and drop from Windows Explorer or from the File Browser. This method allows you to load multiple plugins at once. Note that with this method, existing plugins are not replaced; empty plugin slots are inserted automatically. If you drop on a slot tab, insertion occurs at that position. If you drop elsewhere, insertion occurs at the selected slot.

To unload a plugin, use Plugin/Unload, or choose Unload from the plugin context menu.