Obtaining plugins

Freeframe plugins are available from various sources on the net, including the Freeframe web site, http://freeframe.sourceforge.net/. Paradoxically, not all Freeframe plugins are free, but some of the best ones are. The author recommends the following freeware plugins:

Pete Warden's plugins
Pete's excellent package includes nearly fifty high-quality effects, including kaleidoscope, tile, fish eye, many color effects, and a variety of blurs. See http://www.petewarden.com/. Note that four of Pete's effects (Mixer, RadialBlur, SpiralBlur and TimeBlur) have a buffer overrun bug; FFRend detects these buggy plugins and refuses to load them. Unofficial patched versions are available at http://ffrend.sourceforge.net/download.html.
Whorld Freeframe is a source plugin version of the author's Whorld geometric visualizer. For general information about Whorld, see http://whorld.org. Note that unlike most plugins, WhorldFF depends on external patch files, which must reside in a specific location on your hard drive; for details, see http://whorld.org/WhorldFFReadMe.html.
Chris Korda's plugins
This package includes a clip player, a boolean mixer, and a wave generator; to read more about these plugins and download them, see http://ffrend.sourceforge.net/download.html.
Big Fug's plugins
An interesting collection of plugins from Alex May, featuring chroma and luma keying effects, Sobel, MotionMatte, Thermal, etc. See http://www.frame-runner.com/about/index.php.
Resolume's VJ software isn't free, but you can download a trial version which includes their Freeframe plugins. They have delays, luma effects, and some useful source plugins, e.g. color gradients, shape generators, etc. See http://www.resolume.com/. Note that a few of these plugins don't work with FFRend.