FFRend can record the output of your plugin chain to an AVI file. The AVI can be compressed or uncompressed. If it's uncompressed, there's no 2 GB limit; the AVI is limited is only by available disk space.

To create a recording, choose View/Record or press Ctrl+R. A file dialog is displayed; select a folder and filename for your recording, and press OK to continue. Next, the Record dialog is displayed. This allows you to specify the recording's length, frame size, and frame rate. Again, press OK to continue. Finally, the Video Compression dialog is displayed. This allows you to select and configure a video compressor. Press OK to begin recording.

You may find it convenient to start a recording while paused, to avoid missing the first few frames of your project. If you're trying to make an exact duplicate of a previous recording, and your project makes any use of randomness, you may also want to restart FFRend before each recording, so that the random seed is always freshly initialized.

Note that you have the option to defer the recording, instead of starting it immediately. To do this, check the Record dialog's "Don't run this job now; add it to job control instead" checkbox. You can queue any number of jobs, and then run them all at once; see Job Control.