open close type description rev
07/31/06 07/31/06 done invalid project doc causes silent failure; add doc header w/ version 1.0.00
07/31/06 07/31/06 done loading a non-freeframe DLL causes crash 1.0.00
07/31/06 07/31/06 done if a bypassed plugin is dragged to a different slot, tab highlight doesn't move 1.0.00
07/29/06 08/02/06 done blit via DirectDraw instead of GDI 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/04/06 done shell open doesn't work due to lack of document implementation 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/04/06 done can't drop video files 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/04/06 done can't drop files on output window; both windows should support all types 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/04/06 done left-click in slider should resync automation 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/05/06 done add rendering to an AVI file 1.0.00
08/05/06 08/06/06 done help about doesn't work when CPU is saturated; see Whorld 1.0.00
07/29/06 08/07/06 done if a source plugin is loaded, ignore video file; get frame size from a setting 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/07/06 done opening a video while effects are running shows dry video briefly; doesn't affect record 1.0.00
08/05/06 08/07/06 done add frame rate to options dialog 1.0.00
08/05/06 08/07/06 done in status bar, show frame size, frame rate (nominal and actual), pause and record 1.0.00
08/05/06 08/08/06 done while recording, show elapsed time, and progress bar if possible 1.0.00
08/06/06 08/08/06 done allow recording length to be specified in advance 1.0.00
08/07/06 08/08/06 done during recording, exit exclusive mode crashes if video was changed via Ctrl+ 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/09/06 done add veejay mode (single-monitor exclusive) 1.0.00
08/08/06 08/09/06 done disable starting a recording unless there's an open video or a source plugin 1.0.00
08/08/06 08/09/06 done remaining time estimate is too jumpy; try a running average on actual frame rate 1.0.00
08/11/06 08/11/06 done after loading a project, modulated parameters have incorrect initial positions 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/12/06 done frame-based and dialog-based row containers can't coexist in same project 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/12/06 done add numeric editing for modulation range 1.0.00
08/11/06 08/12/06 done add command to reset all oscillators 1.0.00
08/12/06 08/12/06 done add option to specify random seed 1.0.00
08/13/06 08/13/06 done parameter edit control isn't updating parameter; in CNumEdit, notify aux before parent 1.0.00
08/13/06 08/13/06 done when loading a project, don't send parameters needlessly, it screws up WhorldFF 1.0.00
08/13/06 08/13/06 done show record status without activation so main frame doesn't lose focus 1.0.00
08/13/06 08/13/06 done record fails silently if dest file is already open in another app 1.0.00
08/08/06 08/14/06 done when toolbar is docked on left, scrolling header overwrites it 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/15/06 done add master speed for oscillators and include in project; add master toolbar 1.0.00
08/12/06 08/15/06 done add plugin solo command 1.0.00
08/02/06 08/31/06 done allow bitmap or jpeg as source instead of video 1.0.00
08/21/06 08/31/06 done use source frame size in all cases, regardless of video/picture size; stretch as needed 1.0.00
08/31/06 09/13/06 done add use input size checkbox to record dialog; default to true 1.0.00
09/14/06 09/14/06 done add missing files dialog for missing plugins 1.0.00
09/17/06 09/17/06 done projects opened via shell aren't added to recent files 1.0.00
09/18/06 09/19/06 done disallow negative frequencies 1.0.00
09/18/06 09/19/06 done drop files doesn't work for still images 1.0.00
09/19/06 09/19/06 done deleting plugins causes memory leaks; dlg's DeletePlugin must delete rows 1.0.00
09/19/06 09/19/06 done after repeated drag moves, plugins don't match their titles and parameter rows 1.0.00
08/02/06 09/22/06 done include link to video/picture file in project; make opening video optional? 1.0.00
08/10/06 09/22/06 done delete key doesn't work in edit controls unless text is selected 1.0.00
08/20/06 09/23/06 done add bitmap export for capturing still frames 1.0.00
10/02/06 10/02/06 done opening a project should not modify recent plugin list; same for recent video list 1.0.00
10/02/06 10/02/06 done add plugin/properties 1.0.01
10/06/06 10/07/06 done add modulation enable checkbox for each parameter 1.0.02
10/06/06 10/07/06 done minimizing app while in full screen mode deadlocks UI 1.0.02
10/06/06 10/11/06 done exclusive mode fails in dual-monitor; all surfaces must be on same display device 1.0.02
10/14/06 10/16/06 done show frame number in status bar; reset on new document 1.0.02
10/15/06 10/16/06 done Win32 timer can't achieve common frame rates; add multimedia timer option 1.0.02
10/14/06 10/18/06 done add option to export specific frames from a list 1.0.02
10/18/06 10/18/06 done auto-repeated single step doesn't paint output window if CPU is saturated 1.0.02
08/15/06 10/25/06 done add option to shutdown computer when done recording; use ExitWindowsEx 1.0.02
08/02/06 10/26/06 done write documentation 1.0.02
10/27/06 10/27/06 done separate folders for clips, plugins, and output 1.0.03
10/27/06 10/27/06 done option to get record duration from AVI length 1.0.03
10/06/06 10/28/06 done if an edit control has focus, menus cause periodic pauses in message loop 1.0.03
10/27/06 10/28/06 done add video properties 1.0.03
10/28/06 10/28/06 done frame counter clobbers toolbar button hints in status bar 1.0.03
10/29/06 10/29/06 done tab order skips mod enable checkbox; uncaptioned checkbox can't show focus 1.0.04
10/06/06 11/03/06 done MIDI support: FF params and modulators, bypass, master speed 1.1.00
10/31/06 11/04/06 done in version 2 project docs, don't write FFRow tag 1.1.00
10/30/06 11/05/06 done frame counter should display as hh:mm:ss (frames) 1.1.00
10/30/06 11/05/06 done allow record duration to be specified in either time or frames; add unit selector 1.1.00
11/04/06 11/05/06 done frame/time conversions aren't handling floating-point frame rates correctly 1.1.00
11/03/06 11/06/06 done wrap video and still image in a clip player object 1.1.00
11/06/06 11/06/06 done must call initialise and deInitialise on plugins 1.1.00
11/06/06 11/06/06 done allow plugin and info parameter counts to differ 1.1.00
11/03/06 11/10/06 done add Video/Go To command for jumping to a specific frame in the clip 1.1.00
08/02/06 11/23/06 done add undo support 1.2.00
11/23/06 11/24/06 done misc MIDI assignments aren't saved in project 1.2.00
11/19/06 11/26/06 done MIDI setup dialog's default size is too small 1.2.00
11/23/06 11/26/06 done if a parm is modulating, changing it via edit box while paused causes backsliding 1.2.00
11/26/06 11/26/06 done in MIDI setup's plugin page, edits crash app if chain has non-trailing empty slots 1.2.00
11/26/06 11/26/06 done video go to dialog's state is not initialized 1.2.00
11/27/06 11/28/06 done video object is leaking memory; Close must set a dummy surface 1.2.01
11/29/06 11/30/06 done add support for AviSynth scripts 1.2.02
12/01/06 12/02/06 done left-clicking slider updates parameter twice; update on button down only 1.2.03
12/13/06 12/13/06 done if only one plugin left and it has scroll bars, deleting it doesn't reset bars 1.2.03
12/13/06 12/13/06 done if a plugin has scroll bars, unloading it doesn't reset bars; same with undo 1.2.03
12/17/06 12/18/06 done most recently used plugin can be loaded when there's no slot; undo causes crash 1.2.04
10/22/06 12/25/06 done support multi-input plugins 1.3.00
10/22/06 12/25/06 done honor copy frames preference; improves performance for certain plugins 1.3.00
12/25/06 12/25/06 done check for buggy PeteMixer plugin; don't allow it unless its file date is acceptable 1.3.00
10/22/07 12/25/06 done add patch bay dock bar 1.3.00
12/25/06 12/26/06 done in patch bay, visually group inputs by plugin 1.3.01
12/26/06 12/26/06 done show empty plugins in patch bay 1.3.01
12/23/06 12/27/06 done loading a plugin should preserve existing routing as much as possible 1.3.01
12/26/06 12/27/06 done update source frames regardless of bypass 1.3.01
12/28/06 12/28/06 done mixer test 2 crashes in 16-bit; Connect must verify that both plugins are loaded 1.3.02
12/28/06 12/28/06 done left-click on patchbay row should select plugin 1.3.02
12/29/06 12/29/06 done right-click after last patch bay row should display context menu for insert 1.3.03
12/29/06 12/29/06 done missing files dlg freezes app if CPU saturated; set visible in resource for modal dlgs 1.3.03
12/30/06 12/30/06 done VideoInfoStruct must include orientation 1.3.04
12/30/06 12/30/06 done add error message for unsupported bit depth, distinct from invalid bit depth 1.3.04
01/03/07 01/03/07 done add enable checkbox to patch bay row 1.3.05
01/03/07 01/03/07 done for bypass via MIDI, don't touch document modified flag 1.3.05
01/09/07 01/09/07 done if no idle time, floating a control bar doesn't recalc layout; check for idle layout in OnTimer 1.3.06
01/09/07 01/09/07 done floating sizing bar's close button doesn't work if no idle time; customize mini dock frame 1.3.06
01/09/07 01/09/07 done allocate aux frame on heap to avoid Warning: calling DestroyWindow in CWnd::~CWnd 1.3.06
01/10/07 01/10/07 done patch bay's context menu doesn't show hints in status bar 1.3.06
08/02/06 01/12/07 done lock out task-switching keys in exclusive mode 1.3.07
10/06/06 01/12/07 done add monitor dock bar 1.3.07
10/06/06 01/12/07 done add file browser dock bar for plugins/projects/clips 1.3.07
01/01/07 01/13/07 done changing an input shouldn't redraw entire patch bay; add OnRoutingChange 1.3.07
08/02/06 01/18/07 done make main window full-screen in dual-monitor mode 1.3.08
01/12/07 01/18/07 done add option to disable save changes warning 1.3.08
08/02/06 01/19/07 done lock out unsafe commands in single-monitor exclusive mode 1.3.08
01/12/07 01/19/07 done MIDI setup should be a dock bar instead of a modal dialog 1.3.08
01/18/07 01/19/07 done if patch bay is floating, closing app causes IsWindowVisible in OnSlotChange to assert 1.3.08
01/19/07 01/19/07 done loading a totally empty project fails to delete parameter rows 1.3.08
01/21/07 01/21/07 done replace AfxGetMainWnd with GetThis 1.3.08
01/24/07 01/24/07 done open/save project/plugin via main menu doesn't update current folder in file browser 1.3.08
01/27/07 01/27/07 done if output is full-screen on secondary monitor but NOT exclusive, Alt+Tab should work 1.3.08
01/30/07 01/30/07 done File/New doesn't reset master speed 1.3.08
12/27/06 01/31/07 done metaplugin authoring, as in FreeChain 1.4.00
01/30/07 01/31/07 done right-click within main view but not on row should show insert context menu 1.4.00
02/07/07 02/09/07 done in plugin properties, min and max frames captions are reversed 1.4.01
02/07/07 02/09/07 done importing linked metaplugin should use same plugin search method as loading DLL 1.4.01
02/07/07 02/09/07 done get number of input frames from plugin's max input frames instead of min 1.4.01
03/01/07 03/02/07 done hook keyboard in SetExclusive instead of during startup 1.4.01
02/21/07 03/05/07 done make codec settings persistent (mb) 1.4.02
03/07/07 03/07/07 done plugins dragged onto patch bay are misplaced if dropped below multi-input plugins 1.4.03
03/07/07 03/07/07 done dragging plugins from Explorer onto patch bay doesn't work as expected 1.4.03
03/07/07 03/07/07 done plugins dragged onto patch bay may be misplaced if patch bay is floating over tabs 1.4.03
03/07/07 03/08/07 done disable F1 (help) in veejay mode 1.4.03
03/08/07 03/09/07 done changing plugin frame size doesn't update centering in monitor control bar 1.4.03
06/13/07 07/11/07 done wheel/arrows can move a hidden slider with input focus, potentially crashing app 1.4.04
07/14/07 07/16/07 done in file browser, if last item has focus, pressing alpha key crashes app 1.4.05
07/14/07 07/16/07 done selecting menu commands via Alt key doesn't work in some cases 1.4.05
07/21/07 07/21/07 done in any parameter row, right-clicking on parameter name focuses first row's slider 1.4.06
06/01/07 07/22/07 done add global plugin feature for applying effect(s) to all projects 1.5.00
06/17/07 07/29/07 done add command to create metaparameters for all of a plugin's parameters at once 1.5.00
07/28/07 07/29/07 done in dual-monitor full-screen mode, if cursor is over secondary monitor, hide it 1.5.00
07/29/07 07/29/07 done if monitor bar is resized while app is paused, monitor view is not repainted 1.5.00
07/29/07 07/29/07 done init project doesn't reset solo state in GUI 1.5.00
08/05/06 08/02/07 done add job queue, like VirtualDub's; must restore video compression dialog state 1.5.01
08/01/07 08/02/07 done import metaplugin sets m_DocPath to document filename instead of path 1.5.01
08/02/07 08/02/07 done when imported metaplugin is saved as a project, project isn't added to recent files 1.5.01
08/03/07 08/12/07 done shutdown feature should display warning dialog with progress bar and cancel button 1.5.01
09/09/07 10/05/07 done add thumbnail view for clips in file browser; optionally cache thumbnails 1.6.00
09/09/07 10/05/07 done file browser's report view column widths should persist in registry 1.6.00
09/17/07 10/05/07 done should be able set each file browser pane to a different view type 1.6.00
11/19/07 11/24/07 done support Unicode 1.6.01
11/11/07 11/26/07 done recent global plugin list only stores three items instead of four; don't add empty paths 1.6.02
09/20/06 11/28/07 done DragTabCtrl should set capture, and Esc key should abort drag 1.6.02
11/19/07 11/28/07 done during drag from file browser, if browser doesn't have focus, Esc key doesn't cancel 1.6.02
11/13/07 11/29/07 done can't undo rename in file browser 1.6.02
11/29/07 11/30/07 done closing console crashes app or causes leaks; try SetConsoleCtrlHandler 1.6.02
11/29/07 12/03/07 done if file browser bar is floating on startup, list control is not sized 1.6.03
08/01/07 12/07/07 done monitor bar should be able to show any plugin's output; selection via context menu 1.6.03
01/01/07 12/08/07 done in exclusive mode, starting task manager via Ctrl+Alt+Del crashes app 1.6.03
01/01/07 12/08/07 done if output window is minimized, entering exclusive mode doesn't work 1.6.03
11/19/07 12/17/07 done support MPEG clips by creating AviSynth script in temporary folder 1.6.03
03/03/07 12/22/07 done SetMidiAssignments should check parameter index against NumParams 1.6.04
12/21/07 12/22/07 done in dual-monitor exclusive mode, cursor is visible along edges of secondary monitor 1.6.04
12/22/07 12/22/07 done if redo can't load a plugin, redoing metaparameters for that plugin crashes app 1.6.04
12/22/07 12/22/07 done can't read project containing unassigned metaparameter(s) 1.6.04
12/22/07 12/22/07 done in metaparameter properties dialog, setting target to none doesn't undo correctly 1.6.04
12/22/07 12/22/07 done while learning MIDI setup, if UpdateView deletes selected row, MIDI input crashes app 1.6.04
12/29/07 12/22/07 done assigning MIDI to Bypass of a plugin that follows an empty slot crashes app 1.6.04
01/27/07 01/04/08 done should be able to assign a MIDI controller to multiple targets; use metaparameter groups 1.7.00
12/20/07 01/04/08 done metaparameter grouping, so multiple properties can be controlled by one host parameter 1.7.00
01/05/08 01/07/08 done for parameters and metaparameters, undoing slider edit truncates value 1.7.01
01/09/08 01/09/08 done static text controls display ampersand as underline; check no prefix option in resource 1.7.01
01/09/08 01/09/08 done decorate group name to visually distinguish between master and slave metaparameters 1.7.01
01/15/08 01/15/08 done replace OnNotify with individual notification handlers 1.7.01
01/17/08 01/17/08 done closing app while help is visible causes crash, since version 1.3 1.7.01
01/29/08 01/29/08 done increase compiler warning level to W4 1.7.02
01/30/08 01/30/08 done in job control dialog, while dragging, Esc should cancel drag instead of closing dialog 1.7.03
03/29/10 04/15/10 done use actual plugins, display output
03/29/10 04/16/10 done add parameters
03/29/10 04/19/10 done add oscillators
04/17/10 04/19/10 done file new isn't working
04/19/10 04/19/10 done mod range in doc doesn't show
04/19/10 04/19/10 done slider selection
04/19/10 04/19/10 done slider automation
04/17/10 04/20/10 done loading metaplugin crashes; enforce min inputs
04/19/10 04/20/10 done clicking a modulating slider doesn't work
04/19/10 04/20/10 done plugin tabs in parameters view
04/19/10 04/20/10 done parameter and patch bay views are reversed
04/19/10 04/21/10 done render window doesn't paint in pause; can't call Render, m_CurFrame is null while stopped
04/19/10 04/21/10 done modulation enable icon in view header
04/20/10 04/21/10 done patchbay click should update rows
04/20/10 04/21/10 done drag tab doesn't select moved plugin
04/20/10 04/21/10 done patchbay drag
04/20/10 04/21/10 done patchbay bypass
04/21/10 04/21/10 done patchbay drag doesn't update current selection correctly
04/21/10 04/21/10 done tabs flicker during slot change; update existing tabs instead of recreating them
04/21/10 04/21/10 done form rows positioned incorrectly if insert when scrolled
04/21/10 04/21/10 done move currrent selection into derived engine
04/19/10 04/22/10 done recent plugins
04/19/10 04/22/10 done export bitmap
04/20/10 04/22/10 done patchbay context menu
04/20/10 04/22/10 done context insert past last tab or patch row should append
04/21/10 04/22/10 done exiting exclusive doesn't set window size
04/22/10 04/22/10 done if no slots, insert empty doesn't select slot
04/22/10 04/22/10 done context menu shouldn't select plugin
04/19/10 04/23/10 done master speed
04/22/10 04/23/10 done convert to .NET
04/23/10 04/23/10 done mixer plugins display multiple bypass checkboxes
04/23/10 04/23/10 done bypass checkboxes of plugins below mixer affect wrong plugins
04/23/10 04/23/10 done PlayerFF bank/clip select has no effect; PlayerFF must initialize COM for multithreading
04/19/10 04/24/10 done disable input drop list for source plugins
04/19/10 04/24/10 done files bar
04/22/10 04/24/10 done plugin drop
04/23/10 04/24/10 done opening doc doesn't update master speed slider
04/23/10 04/24/10 done read into empty project to avoid partial initialization and subsequent crash
04/23/10 04/24/10 done tabs sometimes don't display correctly; assume solved by partial project init bug fix
04/24/10 04/24/10 done in row view, view width is slightly short and column header doesn't line up for last item
04/24/10 04/25/10 done unpause leaks a frame
04/25/10 04/25/10 done dump state doesn't show plugin output frames or render current frame
04/25/10 04/25/10 done grow or shrink frame array as needed instead of recreating all frames every time
04/21/10 04/26/10 done edit control clipboard commands; HandleDlgKeyMsg, focus edit etc.
04/22/10 04/26/10 done single-monitor exclusive mode
04/24/10 04/26/10 done NET debug crash with feed strob2 and related bugs; clear m_OutFrame AFTER stopping thread
04/24/10 04/26/10 done exiting app in dual monitor exclusive leaves window frame on render monitor; assume m_OutFrame related
04/24/10 04/26/10 done queue view shouldn't depend on options dialog
04/26/10 04/26/10 done refactor engine error handling, add OnError
04/24/10 04/27/10 done exclusive mode task-switch disable
04/24/10 04/27/10 done maximize main frame in dual-monitor exclusive
04/24/10 04/27/10 done hide cursor over render window in exclusive
04/26/10 04/27/10 done if cursor enters render window without crossing caption, resizing cursor is displayed over client area
04/26/10 04/27/10 done accelerators don't work if master bar has focus
04/27/10 04/27/10 done saving with leading empty slot results in corrupt project file; get into default project
04/27/10 04/27/10 done escape while master bar control has focus closes master dialog
04/19/10 04/28/10 done MIDI support
04/27/10 04/28/10 done in MIDI setup, tab control flickers like crazy when frame is resized; files bar tab control does it too
04/28/10 04/28/10 done if app starts with graph view hidden, loading project and showing graph crashes dot
04/28/10 04/28/10 done main frame can't be resized after exiting dual-monitor exclusive
04/23/10 04/29/10 done Resolume's Invert RGB plugin fails with process copy, despite reporting support for it; hack plugin, B64E 1->0
04/24/10 04/29/10 done exiting exclusive gives render window focus; bring main to top
04/24/10 04/29/10 done escape doesn't cancel file drag if files bar doesn't have focus; see Fractice fix
04/24/10 04/29/10 done escape should exit single-monitor exclusive
04/26/10 04/29/10 done since master bar has no gripper, have speed caption enter drag mode
04/27/10 04/29/10 done if docked master bar shows resize cursor and left edge dragged right, scbar crashes; call base CalcFixedLayout
04/28/10 04/29/10 done master speed via MIDI doesn't work
04/29/10 04/29/10 done sizecbar.cpp with miniframe enabled doesn't compile in .NET, afxChNil undefined
04/29/10 04/29/10 done modulated parameters jump unexpectedly if master speed is set to zero
04/29/10 04/29/10 done plugin dragged from files bar doesn't get added to recent plugins
04/29/10 04/29/10 done space key doesn't work if numeric edit has focus
04/29/10 04/29/10 done derive dock frame from SCB miniframe so floating bar resizes dynamically
04/29/10 04/29/10 done no need to use interlocked increment when reading frames from free queue; just set ref count = 1
04/19/10 04/30/10 done edit modulation range commands and slider selection dialog
04/24/10 04/30/10 done history view crashes opening saved history b/c plugin can't be created; use derived engine to store history doc
04/29/10 04/30/10 done pause history without stopping engine
04/30/10 04/30/10 done view and control bar context menus lack status bar help
04/30/10 04/30/10 done space key doesn't work if non-edit control has focus
04/19/10 05/01/10 done metaparameters
04/19/10 05/01/10 done missing files dialog
04/24/10 05/01/10 done show plugin properties
04/24/10 05/01/10 done add thumbnail options to options dialog
04/27/10 05/01/10 done add MIDI device to options dialog
04/29/10 05/01/10 done in queue view, plugin name overwrites time, and time overwrites input label
05/01/10 05/01/10 done entering/exiting full screen resets render thread's frame counter; move reset to engine
05/01/10 05/01/10 done in dual-monitor exclusive, main frame can be moved, occurs in Fractice too; hide caption bar
05/01/10 05/01/10 done bypass via MIDI doesn't update UI; call Bypass, not SetBypass
05/01/10 05/01/10 done metaparameter groups
05/01/10 05/01/10 done if a plugin doesn't load, remainder of project isn't loaded
05/01/10 05/01/10 done allocate two extra frames for render window (one for queue and one for buffer) to avoid possible staggering
04/19/10 05/02/10 done monitor bar
05/02/10 05/02/10 done changing primary monitor's screen resolution freezes output; recreate primary surface
05/02/10 05/02/10 done monitor window paints incorrectly if resized while paused; OnSize must invalidate
04/19/10 05/03/10 done clipboard
04/19/10 05/03/10 done solo
04/28/10 05/03/10 done in dual-monitor exclusive, dragging main frame's gripper corrupts status bar; disable status bar
05/02/10 05/03/10 done color depth
05/02/10 05/03/10 done in exclusive, Ctrl+Alt+Del followed by Escape causes crash; check for null front/back buffer pointers
05/02/10 05/03/10 done in exclusive, launching task manager leaves main frame full-screen
05/03/10 05/03/10 done load plugin file dialog doesn't use plugin folder
05/03/10 05/03/10 done moving plugin via patch view doesn't set current selection; not calling derived method
05/03/10 05/03/10 done plugin file dialog changes default folder for projects; override doc manager's DoPromptFileName
04/19/10 05/04/10 done plugin input popup menu
04/19/10 05/04/10 done status bar frame counter
05/03/10 05/04/10 done export bitmap before a project is opened gives no error occurred message
05/03/10 05/04/10 done status bar message hides when cursor is moved over bar view
04/25/10 05/05/10 done PlayerFF leaks a frame on each project open/new cycle; must not leave frame attached to surface
04/26/10 05/05/10 done after 24 load/unload cycles, WhorldFF shows default patch; file handle leak in WhorldFF, never reuse a CFile!
04/19/10 05/06/10 done open video; need clip player plugin with path support
05/05/10 05/06/10 done when opening project, delete broken metaparameter links
04/22/10 05/07/10 done video drop
04/28/10 05/07/10 done torture test to open projects repeatedly
05/01/10 05/07/10 done check for buggy Pete plugins
05/05/10 05/07/10 done set frame size causes plugins to lose their parameter settings; clip player also loses current clip
05/07/10 05/08/10 done file video pop up and recent videos
05/06/10 05/09/10 done add clip paths to project doc
05/09/10 05/09/10 done include clips in missing files search
04/19/10 05/10/10 done overlap project loading with rendering
05/09/10 05/10/10 done create freeframe instances before stopping engine to minimize downtime
05/05/10 05/11/10 done PlayerFF leaks a handle for every XviD video opened; XviD registry handle leak, patched by Michael
05/12/10 05/12/10 done if multiple instances of a plugin exist, decorate names to differentiate them
04/19/10 05/13/10 done record; add thread in derived engine, make RunInit virtual and use it to hook last plugin's output
05/15/10 05/16/10 done move pause into engine
05/14/10 05/18/10 done record disrupts feedback due to stop/run; hook output without stopping engine
04/23/10 05/19/10 done frame size drop list in options dialog
05/02/10 05/20/10 done make color depth an option
04/19/10 05/21/10 done help
05/13/10 05/21/10 done record and record info dialogs
05/21/10 05/21/10 done initializing COM multithreaded causes HTML help to hang and not show topics; don't call HH_INITIALIZE
05/21/10 05/21/10 done initializing COM multithreaded causes ShellExecute to fail, breaking hyperlink; use FileProtocolHandler
04/19/10 05/22/10 done random seed options; srand must be called in each plugin thread
04/19/10 05/24/10 done job control
05/03/10 05/25/10 done monitor window garbles 16-bit color due to CDib using 5-5-5 instead of 5-6-5; replace with DirectDraw surface
05/03/10 05/25/10 done halftone makes monitor window's stretch blit nearly take twice as long; make it optional
05/24/10 05/25/10 done end of recording sometimes stalls engine; hot unhook must pulse record input queue read event
05/25/10 05/25/10 done resizing monitor window while paused displays all black
05/13/10 05/26/10 done changing frame size during recording fails or gives garbage output; disallow it
05/17/10 05/26/10 done monitor bar displays stale frame if shown while engine is paused
05/28/10 05/28/10 done record status elapsed time runs while paused, causing invalid remaining time
04/19/10 05/31/10 done undo
04/19/10 06/01/10 done clip undo
05/12/10 06/01/10 done dragging clip onto empty slot should load player into that slot instead of inserting
05/31/10 06/01/10 done metaparameter undo
04/19/10 06/02/10 done document modified flag
04/19/10 06/02/10 done save changes warning option
05/31/10 06/02/10 done automated undo test
06/01/10 06/02/10 done inserting or deleting metaparameter doesn't update group names
06/02/10 06/02/10 done refresh MIDI devices button in options dialog
04/19/10 06/03/10 done master speed undo
06/03/10 06/03/10 done crash deleting effect that outputs to a preceding mixer, separated from it by an empty slot
04/19/10 06/04/10 done MIDI undo
06/04/10 06/04/10 done all row dialogs should clip children
06/05/10 06/05/10 done persist get/set binary using V1 registry key; use profile name instead of app name
06/05/10 06/05/10 done add frame timeout to engine options; useful for large frame sizes
08/13/06 06/06/10 done rendering speed is limited to real-time; V2 adds option to unlock frame rate
08/20/06 06/06/10 done paused image jitters when rapidly repainted; output blit is slightly inconsistent (V1)
10/26/06 06/06/10 done need a way to pause only the clip, not the whole application (V1)
10/27/06 06/06/10 done generate a graph of project's signal routing; could use graphviz (V1)
10/28/06 06/06/10 done right-clicking on an edit control doesn't always update toolbar's edit buttons (V1)
01/09/07 06/06/10 done docked sizing bar's close button won't show hover unless NC mouse move is idle msg (V1)
05/01/07 06/06/10 done long project load delays disrupt performances; overlap plugin instantiation with rendering (V1)
09/10/07 06/06/10 done rendering loop calls memcpy needlessly in some cases; optimize frame buffer usage (V1)
12/01/07 06/06/10 done left-clicking on dialog bar frame freezes output (V1)
12/08/07 06/06/10 done should be able to select clips in PlayerFF by name/thumbnail; extend FreeFrame interface (V1)
12/08/07 06/06/10 done for PlayerFF, store clip selection as path, so playlist edits don't affect previous projects (V1)
08/11/08 06/06/10 done canceling at save changes prompt drops doc from file MRU list (V1)
11/03/08 06/06/10 done help file title is Whorld (V1)
05/08/10 06/06/10 done video properties
06/01/10 06/06/10 done editing record duration and pressing Enter while duration has focus doesn't change duration (V1)
04/19/10 06/08/10 done single step
06/08/10 06/08/10 done opening doc with missing video doesn't give error message or trigger missing links dialog
06/08/10 06/08/10 done file dialog doesn't show combo box, due to multithreaded COM init; show file dialog from worker thread
06/20/10 06/20/10 done on exiting full screen, UI not fully repainted; add no copy bits flag in SetExclusive and FullScreenMain
06/20/10 06/20/10 done can't run, gives application failed to initialize properly 0xc0150002; non-static version of BmpToAvi.dll
06/20/10 06/20/10 done render blits were using flip wait flag; may fix full screen frame rate exceeding monitor refresh, TBD
06/22/10 06/24/10 done end of recording sometimes stalls engine; ignore stall while stopping record thread
06/23/10 06/24/10 done starting job queue while paused cases jobs to fail with no error message
06/23/10 08/28/10 done changing frame rate in options can cause incorrect recording frame count if duration is in time (V1)
08/28/10 08/28/10 done single step doesn't update slider positions for automated parameters
08/28/10 08/29/10 done views maintain dirty flags but never read them; remove them
09/11/10 09/12/10 done worker thread's stop event is unnecessary; remove it
04/16/10 09/15/10 done load balancing via plugin helpers
04/19/10 09/18/10 done make history zoom persistent
03/04/11 03/04/11 done convert CRingBuf to unsigned; also optimize PushOver method
03/30/11 03/31/11 done ganged plugin crashes if frame properties are changed; recreate helpers in plugin SetFrameProps
03/30/11 04/03/11 done ganged plugin creates one more freeframe than needed; first helper should use plugin's freeframe
03/30/11 04/16/11 done in history view, make renderer's name consistent with other views
04/28/11 04/29/11 done file browser list control has extra border in XP and up; remove border from default list style
04/28/11 04/29/11 done in file browser, editing keys (Del, Ins, Esc, Ctrl+Z) behave unexpectedly during label edit
04/29/11 04/29/11 done Esc doesn't cancel drag for plugins or metaparameters (V2)
04/29/11 04/29/11 done Esc doesn't cancel drag if dialog row control has focus
05/24/10 05/02/11 done if job file can't be read, invalid jobs can result; purge corrupt job data and optionally delete job file
05/03/11 05/03/11 done resize queues instead of recreating them; more efficient
04/19/10 05/04/11 done convert options dialog to a property sheet
05/05/11 05/05/11 done update MIDI device is slow if CPU is saturated; show wait cursor and update frame to erase options dialog
04/19/10 05/07/11 done bring back sync oscillators (lost in V2)
05/09/11 05/09/11 done each graph update leaks two handles; close process information handles
05/09/11 05/10/11 done AllocFrames shrink leaks frames if deleted frames were assigned to DirectDraw surfaces
05/11/11 05/11/11 done drop files leaks drop info heap memory; OnDropFiles must call DragFinish
05/05/11 05/12/11 done left-clicking parameter slider thumb adds undo event even if value is unchanged (V1)
05/11/11 05/12/11 done if row dialog is deleted while one of its controls has focus, opening recent file causes file menu to stick (V2)
05/11/11 05/12/11 done if MIDI setup row control has focus, selecting menu via Alt hangs app; remove control style from MIDI setup
05/11/11 05/12/11 done if metaparameter is added while Metaparams bar is hidden, it doesn't appear in MIDI Setup's Metaparam page
05/14/11 05/14/11 done in MIDI and metaparameter views, header columns don't line up with controls; row item coord conversion
05/16/11 05/16/11 done history view's scroll bars should show scroll bar context menus, not view's context menu
05/17/11 05/17/11 done process copy can set output frame's reference count directly without using interlocked add
05/19/11 05/19/11 done history disappears when paused; bug in optimized PushOver
05/26/11 05/30/11 done previous version broke parameter editing via slider; remove FFPlugsRow legacy thumbtrack case
05/31/11 06/01/11 done ganging a plugin causes strobing if it has parameters that are currently zero but have non-zero defaults
06/28/11 06/29/11 done reading V2 thumbnail database crashes V1; LastWrite CTime is 64-bit in .NET, bump archive version
06/30/11 06/30/11 done parameter slider context menu lacks mnemonics
04/25/11 07/19/11 done file browser context menus triggered via Shift+F10 are incorrectly positioned
07/18/11 07/19/11 done if engine does a stop/run while paused, views are restarted, making modulated parameters impossible to edit
07/18/11 07/19/11 done if plugin has no parameters, selecting it in Metaparameter Properties dialog's Type combo crashes app
07/19/11 07/19/11 done file browser context menu popups should use radios instead of checks
07/19/11 07/19/11 done add delete to file browser context menu
04/25/11 11/11/11 done context menus triggered via Shift+F10 are incorrectly positioned (view, slider, metaparameter, job control)
07/14/11 11/18/11 done load balancing should be a dockable bar instead of a modal dialog (jm)
11/18/11 11/21/11 done playlist for automatically opening a list of projects in sequential or random order
11/20/11 11/22/11 done playlist shows wait cursor while opening project in single-monitor exclusive
11/19/11 11/23/11 done open playlist from command line
11/18/11 11/24/11 done each plugin should remember its scroll position in parameter and MIDI setup row views
11/19/11 11/24/11 done command line option to go full screen
11/20/11 11/24/11 done ending parameter numeric edit by selecting a different plugin in patch view causes loss of edit
11/30/11 11/25/11 done add transport buttons, edit control, and missing files check to playlist dialog
11/24/11 11/30/11 done closing document while numeric edit in progress causes loss of edit; take focus in SaveModified
11/30/11 11/30/11 done use toggle window for tool dialogs including job control and playlist
04/24/10 12/01/11 done add option to limit frame memory useage
05/26/10 12/01/11 done running engine while loading project uses lots more memory; make it optional
12/01/11 12/01/11 done handle out of memory error when allocating frame buffers
12/01/11 12/01/11 done enable large address aware and verify memory usage up to 3GB
12/01/11 12/01/11 done disable input popups for source plugins
12/01/11 12/01/11 done in parameter view, plugin context menu's target is current plugin unless right-click is within tab control
12/15/11 12/15/11 done playlist options dialog is superfluous
12/15/11 12/15/11 done playlist period defaults to zero
12/15/11 12/15/11 done playlist needs a save check
12/16/11 12/16/11 done restore show state of tool dialogs
12/27/11 12/27/11 done export creates nonstandard 32-bit bitmaps instead of 24-bit
12/27/11 12/27/11 done export creates garbled bitmaps if engine color depth is 16-bit
12/27/11 12/27/11 done continuous single stepping doesn’t update monitor bar
12/29/11 01/11/12 done restarting engine causes loss of oscillator sync between plugins; rewind oscillators on engine stop
12/30/11 01/11/12 done saving and reloading project causes loss of oscillator sync between plugins
12/31/11 01/11/12 done sync oscillators and its corresponding undo cause loss of oscillator sync between plugins
01/05/12 01/11/12 done sync oscillators while paused doesn't update current plugin's UI to show sync
01/10/12 01/11/12 done initial pause frame is off by one; pause render thread before creating pause frame
01/10/12 01/11/12 done in single step, monitor window doesn't match output window for first few frames
01/04/12 01/13/12 done queue view doesn't show plugin times while paused
01/09/12 01/13/12 done in load balance bar, move undo notification to a main frame handler
05/10/11 01/16/12 done if no plugins, output window shows paint artifacts when resized or partially uncovered
01/16/12 01/16/12 done if all plugins are deleted while paused, unpausing doesn't clear output window
01/16/12 01/16/12 done if all plugins are deleted while running, output window is cleared but monitor window isn't
01/21/12 01/21/12 done desktop flashes when a row view is updated; due to lock window update, introduced in
01/12/12 01/23/12 done check for updates / automatic updates
02/19/12 03/17/12 done stopping a recording stalls engine if last plugin has helper threads
02/19/12 03/17/12 done fix debug radio button warnings in record dialog
04/19/10 03/26/12 done bring back monitor source selection (lost in V2)
03/26/12 03/27/12 done if edit control has focus, menus periodically pause message loop; V2 porting error, originally fixed 10/28/06
02/19/12 03/28/12 done plugin input and monitor source popups don't show status hints; override GetMessageString
03/30/12 03/30/12 done monitoring a plugin that can't render should clear the monitor window
03/30/12 03/30/12 done disable buffer security checks (/GS-); smaller code and significant performance gain
07/14/11 04/06/12 done long plugin names are clipped in patchbay rows; add column resizing
04/09/12 04/11/12 done MIDI Setup view resizes incorrectly after selecting Plugin tab and another tab, overwriting droplist; see 4/10/12
04/10/12 04/11/12 done MIDI Plugin page is always empty; introduced in, double negation in SetScrollPos special slot case
04/12/12 04/13/12 done revert UI thread to default COM single-threaded apartment; keep engine threads in multithreaded apartment
04/13/12 04/13/12 done if monitor source is deleted, engine tap Detach accesses deleted plugin's CanRender
04/24/12 04/24/12 done resizing cursor persists unexpectedly over monitor window; window class must specify a cursor
04/25/12 04/24/12 done single step doesn't update monitor window if source is non-default
04/27/12 04/27/12 done if Queues view is visible, and a project with less plugins is opened while paused, resuming crashes
05/05/12 05/06/12 done assigning multiple threads to a plugin can cause reentrance in freeframe plugin instance; crashes clip player
04/23/12 05/07/12 done reloading slot doesn't attempt to preserve its non-default inputs, unlike V1 (see 1.3.01)
05/06/12 05/07/12 done clip player's open by path doesn't reset seeking flag, potentially causing invalid seek and crash
05/09/12 05/10/12 done if output window is maximized, entering and exiting full-screen twice leaves output window's frame unpainted
05/09/12 05/10/12 done in set exclusive, only recreate surfaces once per mode switch
05/13/12 05/14/12 done reselecting same monitor source needlessly generates undo notification
05/17/12 05/17/12 done if plugin tab control is scrolled, loading a project with less plugins can cause missing tabs
05/17/12 05/17/12 done plugin tab control should support scrolling while drag-reordering plugins
05/17/12 05/17/12 done tab control should support scrolling via mouse wheel
05/21/12 05/21/12 done if no project is loaded, starting job queue pauses for 5 seconds
05/21/12 05/21/12 done if one or more plugins can't render, saving project pauses for 5 seconds
05/21/12 05/21/12 done if a plugin with parameter modulation(s) is preceded by empty slot(s), saving project crashes
04/23/12 05/23/12 done reloading monitored slot unmonitors it
05/04/12 05/23/12 done undoing deletion of monitored plugin doesn't restore monitoring
05/25/12 05/29/12 done in files bar, changing thumbnail size while view type isn't thumbnail causes blank thumbnails
05/29/12 05/31/12 done eliminate engine tap's do-nothing worker thread
05/11/12 06/01/12 done if monitor source is non-default, monitor bar can hoard a frame while hidden
05/11/12 06/01/12 done changing monitor source while paused restarts engine, destroying feedback state
08/02/06   hold allow oscillator frequencies to be expressed as fractions of tempo, as in Reason  
08/02/06   hold dual-monitor mode should show monitor selection dialog if more than one secondary  
08/13/06   hold option to render at lower priority; better to just use task mgr?  
08/20/06   hold automation of master speed; fancy  
08/20/06   hold print still frames; fancy  
08/20/06   hold export can't increase res without re-instantiating plugins and losing state  
10/06/06   hold playlist for video clips, with keyboard assignment and automation  
10/06/06   hold add master luminance control; global plugin makes this less critical  
10/06/06   hold fade from/to black during recording  
10/06/06   hold allow wet/dry mix (alpha) for each plugin; requires MMX alpha blend  
10/13/06   hold for source plugins, allow input to be blended with output, via raster operation  
10/14/06   hold go to specific frame; how to set WhorldFF osc clocks? What about random?  
10/27/06   hold Greg reports empty output window, XP SP2  
10/27/06   hold group parameters and sync their automations in groups; metaparameter oscillators?  
10/27/06   hold apply plugins to individual RGBA color channels  
10/29/06   hold frequency/amplitude/pulse width modulation  
10/29/06   hold add an oscilloscope window for viewing modulation; fancy  
10/31/06   hold make project I/O token-based so it's extensible  
11/03/06   hold add modulation amplitude and bias (DC) with MIDI support  
12/26/06   hold patch bay and tabs should give hover/mouse-over feedback during drag (sh)  
12/26/06   hold middle button should toggle bypass?  
12/27/06   hold need way to match output view size to plugin frame size and/or aspect ratio (sh)  
12/30/06   hold insert project into current project  
01/12/07   hold associate MIDI settings with a plugin, so a plugin can load its own MIDI assignments  
01/27/07   hold file browser should watch for changes, via FindFirstChangeNotification or ReadDirectoryChangesW  
01/27/07   hold F5 should refresh directory listing; no need if file browser supports file change notifications  
01/28/07   hold support multi-input metaplugins; hard problem  
01/31/07   hold undoing metaparam edit of mod freq doesn't restore modulated value  
01/31/07   hold can't undo edit metaplugin properties  
02/09/07   hold showing metaplugin's properties unpacks embedded plugins; loading DLL is what does it  
02/09/07   hold reset frame counter on load project should be optional  
02/09/07   hold command to manually reset frame counter  
05/01/07   hold project name isn't visible in full-screen dual monitor mode; no caption bar  
06/18/07   hold in file browser's plugins pane, item context menu should have import metaplugin item  
11/09/07   hold toolbar's clipboard icons shouldn't update while app is modal; it's distracting  
11/13/07   hold can't undo job control edits  
11/17/07   hold loading a job list erases current jobs without warning  
12/08/07   hold oscillator should support one-shot waveforms; useful for automating fades  
12/08/07   hold MIDI control of monitor source; requires bumping version numbers of plugin info and project  
12/10/07   hold very large MPEGs are slow to load and freeze UI while loading; warning message? (mb)  
01/01/08   hold MIDI control should support damping  
01/09/08   hold output MIDI when parameters with MIDI assignments are changed  
01/09/08   hold output MIDI clocks, so MIDI sequencer can sync with FFRend; one clock per frame?  
01/09/08   hold receive and sync to MIDI clocks or SMPT; keep frame rate very low to avoid overrun  
01/09/08   hold in MIDI setup, range should consist of start and end, not just a multiplier  
04/19/10   hold bring back global plugin (lost in V2)  
04/23/10   hold if a plugin has no output, its thread doesn't run, so its oscillators don't run either  
04/24/10   hold if multiple players exist, add Open With popup to Clips pane's context menu  
04/24/10   hold bypassing source plugin can give unexpected results because routing doesn't change  
05/01/10   hold showing main frame full-screen in dual monitor should be optional; useful for debugging  
05/04/10   hold feedback stall cases, often sensitive to input ordering, e.g. firestorm solar, trivial stall  
05/05/10   hold soloing a plugin doesn't ensure its output will be visible, because routing is unchanged  
05/11/10   hold easy MIDI mode; one channel per plugin, assign controllers sequentially (jm)  
05/17/10   hold clip player should show path if available; thumbnail would also be nice  
05/23/10   hold monitor window's StretchBlt can block render, even in dual-monitor Exclusive; noticeable in high HD  
06/01/10   hold video properties doesn't work for MPEGs  
06/25/10   hold engine stall message should include staller name; but is it useful information?  
03/02/11   hold recording to XviD crashes in Win7  
03/04/11   hold file browser should optionally include a folder tree, using a splitter; COM hell  
03/04/11   hold file browser's parent folder list item scrolls; button on title bar would be more convenient  
03/04/11   hold port clip player to DirectShow, allowing MPEG without AviSynth  
03/30/11   hold in history view, plugin names shouldn't scroll when paused; show them on a border and shrink view?  
04/29/11   hold graph view's mixer symbol (triangle) is excessively wide for long plugin names  
04/29/11   hold add Open in New Player to Clips pane's context menu  
04/29/11   hold standardize graph symbols  
05/05/11   hold edit modulation range shortcut keys don't work and aren't on edit menu either (V2)  
05/07/11   hold triangle/sine modulations that were decreasing when project was saved are increasing when it's opened  
05/07/11   hold for triangle/sine modulations, editing value or mod enable/frequency resets direction; same for undo  
05/17/11   hold multiple monitor windows would be useful for previewing sources, esp. clip players  
06/06/11   hold folder dialog allows selection of virtual folders (e.g. My Computer) but returns false  
06/09/11   hold file browser doesn't handle device changes e.g. adding or removing thumb drive; WM_DEVICECHANGE  
06/09/11   hold file browser doesn't show or resolve links (shortcuts) to files/folders  
06/25/11   hold dropping plugin(s) onto view should append instead of inserting (debatable)  
07/13/11   hold add recent folders popup to files bar context menu  
07/18/11   hold in 32-bit color mode, clip player outputs 255 in alpha channel for certain clips (e.g. kissing girls)  
07/19/11   hold in file browser context menu, view type should be a popup  
11/25/11   hold undo should restore scroll positions, or at least ensure undone parameter edits are visible  
12/29/11   hold in file browser, optionally pack thumbnails tightly; arrow keys only access first two columns if horz spacing < 16  
12/31/11   hold changing master speed sometimes causes slight loss of oscillator sync between plugins  
01/04/12   hold in queue view, mixer plugins added while paused/stopped have incorrect height until engine restarts  
01/14/12   hold context-sensitive help  
03/28/12   hold if monitor source is non-default, resizing monitor window while paused paints incorrectly  
04/24/12   hold during continuous single stepping, output monitor occasionally shows frame already reused by plugin  
05/08/12   hold control key should modify plugin drag/drop to load instead of insert  
05/08/12   hold number of recently used plugins should be an option; same for projects  
05/09/12   hold Win7 only: exiting full-screen may fail to fully repaint main window, esp. if it overlaps output window  
05/09/12   hold Win7 only: output window doesn't update on secondary monitor if Aero theme is disabled  
05/11/12   hold include monitor source(s) in project  
05/11/12   hold monitor and preview bars should optionally include source name captions  
05/23/12   hold advanced engine option to set feedback priming  
05/24/12   hold increasing renderer's priority may reduce output jitter  
05/29/12   hold monitor window's StretchBlt can degrade UI responsiveness, especially at high res with smoothing  
05/29/12   hold monitoring should be driven by same timer as output, i.e. renderer's frame timer, to avoid time aliasing  
05/30/12   hold if slot change makes monitored plugin unable to render, monitor window isn't cleared  
06/01/07   punt M-Audio Uno drops input MIDI running status messages in XP; latest driver doesn't help  
09/10/07   punt replace memcpy with MMX block prefetch; irrelevant in V2  
11/19/07   punt AviSynth works in XP but not in W2K; blit to plugin frame fails  
01/01/08   punt if metaparam and its target differ, undoing metaparam change fails to restore target; can't reproduce this  
03/31/10   punt stall log; stall info no longer available in release  
03/31/10   punt frame counter lacks resolution at low frame rates  
04/19/10   punt cache recently used plugins  
04/24/10   punt show free queue count in status bar  
04/27/10   punt in cooperative mode, dragging control bar freezes output; CDockContext::InitLoop locks desktop window  
05/03/10   punt rename command on edit menu; not needed  
05/03/10   punt if window has both scroll bars, non-client area between them is erased incorrectly; known bug in XP controls  
05/04/10   punt metaparam context menu doesn't show hints in status bar  
05/07/10   punt if clip player in project specifies non-zero clip, needless open occurs, or two opens if bank is also non-zero  
05/07/10   punt check for presence of clip player on startup  
05/17/10   punt if recording to XviD and encoding status dialog is enabled, pause or stop stalls engine  
05/20/10   punt Pete's plugins overrun frame buffer in 24-bit mode  
05/20/10   punt if engine color depth doesn't match display device, output window shows garbage or doesn't paint; warn user  
05/31/10   punt if clip is opened via path, and then changed via bank/clip parameters, undo gives unexpected results  
08/28/10   punt slider positions don't indicate currently displayed frame due to latency; especially noticeable in single step  
08/29/10   punt oscillators accumulate floating-point error; making clock an integer could cause subtle behavior changes  
03/04/11   punt extending desktop onto second monitor while app is running causes bad behavior  
04/03/11   punt frame queue size of zero (peek) would reduce memory usage but probably less efficient too  
05/07/11   punt if entire undo history is undone, selecting a plugin clears history; select counts as an edit  
05/11/11   punt PlayerFF leaks 44K even if no clips loaded and regardless of frame size; SetSurfaceDesc-related?  
11/24/11   punt histogram in monitor window  
04/08/12   punt if view is scrolled far right and has a vertical scroll bar, restored horizontal scroll position is off by one pixel  
04/10/12   punt MIDI Setup special page scroll positions aren't reset on opening new document  
04/23/12   punt if app closes before update check's worker thread exits, CWinThread leaks; scary in debug but harmless  
05/03/12   punt if resizing app forces control bar to resize, bar's contents clip instead of resizing; stock behavior  
05/05/12   punt open clip by path doesn't work if clip player is assigned multiple threads  
05/23/12   punt advanced engine option to yield to user interface; no need since input events cause dynamic priority boost